DAPA/DACA: Whats going on?

Tomorrow, April 18, 2016, The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will here arguments in favor of and against DAPA and DACA(extended). Both these programs were established by President Obama via executive order to allow many of the undocumented persons living the US an avenue to legal employment and freedom from deportation while on the program.

Depending on where you are, this fight may have huge repercussions in your community. Here in Southern California the anticipated impact will be great and far reaching. If you don't know about these programs here is a little summary of each:

1) DAPA: This program is geared to allowing parents of US Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents the ability to legally work in the US. If approved the program could grant these parents a work authorization document so the parents could find legal employment and deferred action (meaning the US government would not deport/remove these parents while on the program) .

2) DACA (extended): This expands the current DACA program by making more people eligible. DACA (extended) would open up greater eligibility into the program namely those individuals that did not fit into the age requirements of the original DACA program. Under DACA the US government would authorize these children a work authorization document and not deport/remove them while on the program.

Not everyone will be eligible for these programs, namely those with certain criminal convictions.

The legal questions presented to the Supreme court revolves around whether the President has the right to implement these programs without Congressional approval. Regardless of where you stand on the subject the rejection or approval of DAPA and DACA (extended) will have a great impact on the undocumented population in the US. Keep watch as I will add additional info regarding the arguments after tomorrow.

If you want more detained info here is a link to the American Immigration Council site relating to this law suit. http://immigrationpolicy.org/special-reports/defending-dapa-and-expanded-daca-supreme-court

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