Criminal Defense

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"Standing with my clients every step of the way"  V.L



  • Defending clients in State and Federal cases in Southern California

  • Family Sponsored Visas

  • Employment Sponsored Visas

  • Deportation/Removal Defense

  • Naturalization

  • Legal Permananent Residence



My goal is to provide you the service and  representation you need to meet your goals. 


This means 24/7 and 100% dedication to your case. 


I will investigate your situation, listen to you and provide options for you to accomplish what you want.  Whether you are a criminal defense or immigration client, I am here to ensure your success. I will  give my 100% until you get what you need. 


I am available to you and I am willing to visit you in jail, meet you at your location for a meeting or take calls at 2:00 am.   This ever present dedication coupled with years of legal experience has created an atmosphere of sucess and accomplishement for my clients. 


My firm is here to serve you. 




Valerie S. Lopez

Tel: 909-646-3454

Cell: 310-651-1709

     Valerie attended and graduated from Georgetown University's School of Business.  Thereafter, she entered the business world working for a telecommunication firm and  investment bank before going to Pepperdine University School of Law. 
     After graduating law school  in 2005, Valerie began working at a prominent criminal defense firm in Los Angeles.  Here her practice centered on complex drug defense.
     In 2010, Valerie established her own office so she could dedicate 100% of herself to both her clients and her family. This lead to the establishment of an immigration practice to meet the needs of her growing client base.
    Since establishing her law firm Valerie has served hundreds of clients and created a network of satisfied clients throughout California.




643 S. Olive Street, Suite 525, Los Angeles CA, 90014

Tel:  909-646-3454

Fax: 909-548-8222

Direct Line: 310-651-1709


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